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My name is Hannah Gorham and I'm a lover of all things pretty, blush pink, rose gold, and leopard print! On my blog I share all things beauty, fashion, home decor, and more! I started this blog in the winter of 2017, and it's truly been a place where I can ultimately unleash my creativity and share my love for all things feminine and style. I hope that you get inspiration with each post you read here and be sure to subscribe for all things pretty. I'm so happy you stopped by and hopefully you stay for awhile! (If you're interested in learning more about me be sure to check any of my social media platforms as well as scroll below for fun facts.) 


1. I'm a pisces (yes, I love horoscopes)
2. My most FAVORITE store in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is Anthropologie
3. I'm a complete shopaholic
4. I admire anything rose gold
5. I love interior design and plan on making that my major in college
6. I am a book worm
7. Rainy days are my favorite days
8. My fav season by far is autumn
9. I am addicted to online shopping
10. I love blush pink, rose gold, and marble
11. I'm a candle addict
12. I love to travel
13. My most favorite city is Seattle, WA
14. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day
15. My favorite quote is... "Do what you love, love what you do."

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