Hannah's Daily Picks - June Monthly Recap

July 7, 2020

Hi friends! It has been a bit since I've last conducted a blog post and I have to say, I've missed it! Since the coronavirus hit back in March I've been on the struggle bus with posting content here on my website and on my other social platforms. Nevertheless, something that has gotten me through this pandemic is getting back in the routine of sharing my Hannah's Daily picks. 

If you are actively following me on Instagram, then you'd know I consistently share my Hannah's Daily Picks via IG Stories. On my picks, I share all things fashion, beauty, or home decor finds with my followers Monday through Fridays @3pm MT. Just last month I was able to complete a goal of mine of sharing Hannah's Picks every single day! On this blog post today I am going to share with you all a recap of my June Hannah's Picks!

 If you want to SHOP this post, click on any item you like below with a PINK SQUARE and you will be directed to the shop I found the item(s) from. Thank you to my IG followers who have been so encouraging and supportive as I've shared Hannah's Picks. I see all your messages and I appreciate you guys supporting me. Keep following along on my Hannah's picks to see more exciting stuff each and every day! 





**This post contains affiliate links**

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