COMING SOON: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

July 21, 2020

I can't believe we are just ONE MONTH away until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you've been following me for a while then you'd know I've been shopping this sale for 5+ years. This N-Sale has to be my most favorite retail sale of the whole year solely because they have such great prices on all things fall/ winter clothing (my FAV), accessories, home, and LOTS MORE!

On today's post, I am going to be sharing some info on WHEN the sale is and little details to know before shopping. Due to this crazy coronavirus pandemic, things are a little different this year with shopping. Nevertheless, I am super excited to shop and I hope I can be a good resource for you guys during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Down below are some important dates/ info for you guys to know all about the NSale.

  • When is the sale?

The N-Sale officially begins on August 19th and goes until August 30th!

  • Can I shop the sale early?

Yes! You can shop the sale early if you are a cardholder member (you have a Nordstrom Credit Card). + Depending on your status (how much you shop)

** You can apply to sign up for a Nordstrom Credit Card HERE if you'd like to shop this sale earlier, but that's 100% personal, and up to you.**

  • What are some important dates to remember for the sale?

  • July 24th - August 18th -  Sale Preview Online
  • August 4th - 18th - Icon Early Access
  • August 7th - 18th - Ambassador Early Access 
  • August 10th - 18th - Influencer Early Access
  • August 13th - 18th - Insider Early Access
  • August 19th - 30th - The Anniversary Sale (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) **no card required**
  • August 30th - Sale Officially Ends and all items are back to the regular prices

  • Any shopping tips for the sale?

1. Write a list of things that you're looking for in the sale 

With all the great deals, this sale is 100% overwhelming and it's very easy to overspend. By making a list of things you're looking to buy, it can make your shopping experience both stress free, and you'll be more mindful. 

2. Shop quickly!!

If you have a wishlist of items you REALLY want, you're going to want to shop QUICK!! I know this tip may sound so obvious, but honestly, the N-Sale stuff tends to always sell out super fast every year. One way of assuring that you get those items you'd like is to apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card so you can get early access to the sale. This is definitely a personal decision, but I know from experience that applying for this card gives many benefits, and assures that you can get what you want out of the sale. 

3. Shop through Liketoknow.It app

Liketoknow.It is honestly one of my favorite social platforms to get inspo, shop, and just make wishlists. Be sure to check on the app to shop this sale, because you'll be surprised on how many great items you can find on there instead of scrolling through the Nordstrom website. I will definitely be sharing heavily on liketoknowit during this sale, so follow me HERE to shop all my favorite picks, and try on hauls!! 

4. Shop both online and in stores!!

One thing I love about this sale is that you can shop not only in stores, but online. I HIGHLY recommend you all to shop/buy both online and in stores because if you're looking for specifics, both places could have what you're looking for. I also think online is great if you don't want to be in huge crowds at the actual sale :) 

5. Buy what sells out the most first

This is a tip I've learned throughout shopping this Nordstrom sale, and is by far the best advice I can give you all. We all know some brands that just sell out quick, so be sure to snatch those items before browsing through other things. **Things that tend to sell out quick: Barefoot Dream Cardigans, Tennis Shoes (Nike, Adidas, etc), Fall Booties, and Fall sweaters**

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