january 2019 accomplishments

January 31, 2019

Whenever a new year comes around I'm both excited, but anxious to always do things on my New Years goal list. To be completely honest, January was a month full of stress, anxiety, and LOTS of never ending school work. Nevertheless, it was one one of my most successful months because I was able to accomplish so many great blog goals. Down below I'm sharing with you my January 2019 accomplishments. Like I've mentioned previously in my earlier accomplishments post, I find that it is so important to welcome in a good month by appreciating all the BIG and LITTLE things you've accomplished from your previous month. By doing this, you are welcoming good fortune and vibes for your new month. With all that being said, cheers to a new month, and bye bye January!! Please enjoy this post!! ♥︎♥︎ XOXO!!

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1. Finally reached my $100 mark threshold on RewardStyle AND made 29 sales 
2. Got a personal invitation to join the RocksBox Ambassador Program 
3. Reached 50 followers on the Liketoknow.It app (follow me here)
4. Reached over 100,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest (follow me here)
5. Reached 3,000+ pageviews on my blog
6. Completed my first group Starbucks giveaway
7. Gained over 50 followers on Instagram
8. Posted more on the Liketoknow.It app 
9. Posted WAY more Instagram content (both lifestyle + layouts)
10. Focused a lot on school
11. Started my Hannah's Picks on my Instagram Stories (follow me on Instagram here)
12. Started posting my daily schedule on my Instagram Stories

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