18 Facts for my 18th Birthday

February 23, 2019

Hello loves, and Happy Birthday to me!! Whenever my birthday comes around, I always get excited to decorate, pick out my birthday cake, and just plan (Trust me, I'm crazy about birthdays haha). I would have to say that this was the year where I truly went all out because it's my last year at home with my family before I go off to college in UNDER 6 months (It's going by so fast!)  In honor of today being my Birthday, I thought I'd be fun to share with you my birthday photos AND tell you guys 18 facts about me for my 18th birthday.  I'm so blessed to be able to celebrate with you all and truly hope you enjoy this post! Lots of love to you!! XOXO!

I was SO excited to get my cake!! EEK!! ♥︎

I have always wanted a Naked Cake, and my dreams came true this birthday! This beautiful and decadent cake came from The Cupcakery. I absolutely love their cupcakes, and cakes - plus, they have such great customer service. If you are a local in Vegas, I HIGHLY recommend this place!

1. I am an actual shopaholic. Yes, it is bad. HAHA! I absolutely love shopping and if I could, I would do it every second of the day. Seeing new products makes my heart melt.

2. Ever since I was little my favorite snack/ food has been popcorn. Still, to this day it's my fav.

3. I'm a firm believer of having a hobby, and doing something that you love every single day. I have noticed throughout my 18 years that being able to just find something you enjoy makes you more independent, and happier. 

4. I'm in love with literature and figurative language. This may sound silly, but I find it so beautiful to use figurative language/ analogies into life. Literature is EVERYTHING and so magical.

5. Believe it or not, I actually hated pink for awhile in my life, but then I started liking it again when I began blogging haha!

6. I am all about being cozy. 9/10 you will catch me in leggings and super comfy sweaters (my friends will even agree haha).

7. I have always been TERRIBLE at math. It just doesn't click with me!

8. I'm that type of girl who loves to make everything around me beautiful, so I guess you could call me a hopeless romantic haha. I enjoy the small things in life. 

9. I have worked 4 jobs in my life which were: Baskin Robbins, Kumon (tutoring), Nothing Bundt Cakes, and William Sonoma.

10. I'm a full on dreamer. I have always been since I was a little girl.

11. I am a total nerd when it comes to Earth Science and LOVE talking about meteorology, and geology. 

12. I love Orange artificial flavoring + orange candies. (EX: Orange Popsicles, Orange Pixi Sticks, Orange Sour Patch Kids, etc.)

13. My biggest goal is to get a super cute Anthropologie apartment one day and decorate the crap out of it!

14. I used to be a planner girl for 2+ years (I started decorating my planners back in Freshman year of High School)

15. My top three favorite movies of all time are: The Holiday, 13 going on 30, and Legally Blonde!

16. I'm obsessed with leopard print, blush pink, and gold!

17. My two favorite cities are Seattle, WA and Washington D.C. (Both so, so dreamy!)

18. My dream job is to work at Anthropologie one day!

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