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December 23, 2018

ho ho ho! hellloo my sweet friends! thank you for stopping by my blog for a new blog post. as many of you know i have been making SO many christmas gift guides this month (PS: i cannot believe christmas is almost here!) and i thought it was about time i share MY CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE/ GIFT PICKS! if you know me well my top fav things are as follows: PINK, FLUFFY STUFF, AND COMFORT! in today's post i share all of those three things, but in gifts i chose! i had seriously so much fun shooting these photos for you all and choosing each of the items to put in this guide. i feel so blessed this time of year to be sharing these gift guides. i did want to make mention that christmas isn't just about the gifts, but it's about remembering Christ and being with loved ones. i hope you all enjoy the post and please feel free to *click on any images below to shop* (most, if not all this stuff is either UNDER $30!!!) i love you all so much and happy holidays!! PS: I'M SO SO SORRY for posting this blog post so late (eek)

xoxoxox and polar bears,



one of the best gifts to gift and/or recieve are candles. candles are amazing because they will last forever AND you can use them throughout the year. one of my favs that is highly mentioned on my blog is the Capri Blue Volcano candle from Anthropologie. the candle smells like sweet citrus with a sugary twist and the aroma can put a smile on anyone's face. 

best. highlighter. everrrr!!!

beauty items are such great stocking stuffers, or mini add on gifts. in the photo above are just a few of my personal picks. PS: if you haven't tried the colourpop super shock highlighters YOU NEED TO NOW!! this duo set is from ulta and UNDER $15! such a great gift to give to that special someone. 


as many of you may know i love to practice mindfulness and taking care of myself. one way i implement mindfulness into my life is by writing in guided journals like this one. journaling helps you deep think and get your mind into a state of calm. another way i practice mindfulness is using a rose quartz roller. i was kindly **gifted this one above from the brand, Honey and Be. i'm OBSESSED with it, and you can buy it on amazon now!! after i use my roller (typically at night), i get a good night's rest with my fluffy faux fur pink sleeping mask from Madewell.

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