5 things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving 2018

November 22, 2018 Salt Lake City, UT, USA

hi loves and happy thanksgiving!! something that you may not know about me is that thanksgiving is one of my fav holidays. i love thanksgiving because i really love to show gratitude and love to my friends, family, and loved ones. thanksgiving is a reminder to us that we should always implement the love of thankfulness in our lives every day! this year i decided that it would be super fun to start a little tradition on the blog where i share 5 things im grateful for this/ each thanksgiving. i hope you all enjoy this post and i am so, so grateful for all of you guys. i never would of thought that this year would be such a turning point in my life career wise (blogging, etc.)  i am so blessed to be able to share what i love with such amazing readers and followers. enjoy your turkey day and eat lots! XOXO!!

disclaimer: i'm extremely grateful for the everyday things as well such as family, a roof over my head, and much more! i just wanted to narrow it down to 5 things that have touched me for this year of 2018.

lots of love,

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5 things I'm grateful for....

1. GOD- this year has been full of ups, and downs, but through all of that my Heavenly Father has been there to help me along the way. Even when I lose faith, I know that he lives and loves each and every one of us. 

2. BLOGGING- this one is pretty obvious, but i truly am AMAZED by how quickly my blog has become/ bloomed into. I couldn't of done it without my followers and readers. I love you all very much.

3. ART- i noticed that everything around me is art. everything is so perfectly made, and it truly makes me appreciate the art/ beauty of the world. i'm amazed by all the beautiful items at the store and how each was beautifully designed. 

4. NAIL POLISH- this is going to sound super silly, but something that has been making me so happy this year is getting my nails done at the salon. i love the feeling of getting my nails freshly painted and it's the best!

5. TARGET- i guarantee that this will be on my gratitude list every year, but Target is seriously the best! If I'm not at home I'm most definitely at Tarshay haha. 

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