october 2018 accomplishments

October 30, 2018

october has been a month full of amazing accomplishments and successes both on the blog, and in my personal life. down below is a list of my accomplishments from this month. i have noticed that writing out all my accomplishments really helps me recognize all the good that came out of each month and makes me feel more excited for my next month. i hope you all enjoy this post + i'm so sorry for posting this late!


1. My photo got reposted by Neutrogena
2. Worked with three amazing companies this month
3. Made it to RewardStyle 
4. Made my first sale on RewardStyle
5. Got my first paycheck at my new job
6. Posted more on Instagram
7. Met a new friend at work
8. Made a shop tab on my blog
9. Signed up for Liketoknow.It
10. Did more yoga and meditation
11. Read one full book
12. Had over 200 profile visit on Instagram

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