my favs for the PB Teen x Benefit Cosmetics collection

October 3, 2018

hello babes!!!! recently PB Teen teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics to create one of the prettiest pink/ retro lines that I've ever seen. today on the blog I'm rounding up all the items that I found in this line and also want from this collection. Benefit Cosmetics has been one of my favorite makeup brands and PB Teen is such an amazing company. whenever two companies (especially my favs) work together to create something, i find it so magical. once I found out about this collaboration I was so excited and had to post it on my blog for you guys. PLEASE, PLEASE enjoy today's post. i cannot be more excited with this whole line and it's just way too cute. (PS: I wanted to put everything on my list, but i have to be realistic hahaha)

xoxo, and lots of love,

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