september 2018 accomplishments

September 30, 2018

hello, loves! if you've been following my blog for awhile you would know that each month i gather 10 inspiring quotes and share them to wrap up each month (click HERE to see). i love making the most of each month and setting goals. i thought that it was time for a change so to substitute doing 10 quotes, i am going to share my overall monthly accomplishments. i am firm believer of self care and reflection. i find that physically writing down your successes from each month not only allows happiness in your life, but also a balance. i feel like us as humans get so wrapped up in things we should be doing instead of reflecting upon what we have done. by practicing self reflection throughout your month you will see an increase in your happiness, heart, and soul. giving back, and giving ourselves credit for what we do is the first step into self love and care. please enjoy this months accomplishments and get ready for much more in the future. also be sure to take advantage of the comment section and write down ANY of your accomplishments for your month. i love to connect with y'all! have a beautiful start to october and stay lovely! PS: i shared a few of my fav photos from my month below :)

lots of love and xoxo,

#1: Had a successful job interview at my dream job

#2. Got a job at William Sonoma!!

#3. Did a campaign with Neutrogena on TWO products

#4. Reached more followers on Instagram and blog

#5. Drove the first time on the freeway

#6. Posted lots of fall blog/ Instagram posts

#7. Took my senior portrait photos early

#8. Made a special craft as a service project for church

#9. Attended (almost all) my church meetings this month

#10. Decorated my front door with lots of autumn decorations 

#11. Finally posted a full body photo on Instagram

#12. Woke up and arrived on time for church class

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