August 4, 2018

hello loves and happy august! i'm super excited for this new month, but disappointed that school is just around the corner. if you didn't know i'm going into my senior year of High School and boy am I excited to only have 4 classes! any who... today i kept thinking about what i should do on the blog and then it dawned on me that i haven't done a what's inside my purse post. it's quite funny that i chose this as my blog post today because this summer i've been in love with new bags (especially straw bags). one bag in particular that i've been in love with is this adorable rose gold mini purse from Target. i wish i could link it, but unfortunately i received this as a gift 1-2 years ago. i will try to link some similar bags right HERE if you're interested! i feel like these days we only use purses to store normal stuff such as your phone and keys. i am a little different and do store those necessities, but i like also like to keep hair ties, makeup, etc! down below is a little spew of my current favs + items i store inside this rose gold beauty!!

the first category that i will be talking about is.. BEAUTY! when it comes to beauty products, i like to stick to basics that i know i'll use in my purse! the first thing i like to carry is mascara! i love this Lash Paradise Loreal Paris Mascara because the packaging is cute & I love the formula. the next item in my bag is a rose spray! when i feel super hot i immediately like to grab the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray. this spray is literally EVERYTHING and if you don't have it, YOU NEED IT! another good thing i keep in my bag is lotion! i don't know about you but my hands tend to get super chappy living in the desert. my favorite lotion at the moment is from Bath & Body Works in the scent Lovely Dreamer. this lotion reminds me of pink clouds and happy vibes. 


 second category is HAIR! when i think about what's inside my bag hair ties immediately pop into my mind! some of my fav hair accessories that i keep in my bag are creaseless hair ties, silky scrunchies, and rose gold clips! all these items i like to use either by themselves or together! most of these goodies were mostly purchased from anthropologie, but currently unavailable due to them being out of stock. i did gather a bunch of inexpensive items down below for you to shop from!!


the very last category is miscellaneous because it was difficult to categorize these items! to start off, i really love to keep a journal inside my bag at all times just in case if i need to write down any notes (ex: phone numbers, emails, blog inspo, etc.). this mini rifle paper notebook that i keep inside my bag is so adorable and it's the perfect size for my purse! (this notebook is out of stock because it was limited edition so i sadly can't link it!) with the notebook i always need something to write with so i always find myself putting this diamond rose gold pen in my purse because it's super handy to use! (PS: don't you hate the feeling of when your waiter at a restaurant brings out the check without a pen GRR!! that's why i ALWAYS keep a pen with me on hand).

i feel like inside every woman's purse you will most likely find some type of feminine supplies. my fav products that i have on hand inside my purse are these itty bitty compact tampons from Ubykotex and liners from the brand L. i love how both products are compact so they fit inside my zipper pocket in my purse. **the silver tampons were limited edition from awhile back** 
vegas has been miserably hot this summer and the best way to protect my eyes is wearing some cute pink sunnies! these sunnies aren't in stock anymore, but you can click HERE for VERY identical ones! so now you're probably wondering, WHERE'S your wallet?! well... i like to use this adorable jeweled pencil pouch as my wallet to hold all my cards/ gift cards. i love this one from Anthropologie and right now (8/3/18) it's on SALE! Click HERE to purchase yours now! i get so many questions on instagram about this swan keychain and i hate to say but it's out of stock!!! (all products mentioned in this paragraph are from Anthropologie!!) 

sorry that this post was a little longer than usual. i do hope you enjoyed seeing what is inside my bag and be sure to COMMENT down below letting me know what you keep inside your bag!


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