book review #2

August 14, 2018

hello loves! awhile back i posted a book review sharing with you all my favorite books and rated them from 1 to 5! today on the blog. i'm going to be doing the same thing with my new book favorites. on this post i am mentioning a few old favorites that were mentioned in book review #1 (just because i love it so much)! i also want to apologize for not posting consistently on my blog. august has been such an amazing month, but also one of the most busiest. this blog post i'm sharing today goes out to my lovely followers and subscribers of my blog and instagram. i'm thankful for your support and infinite love! with that all being said, i hope you enjoy this post.

disclaimer: all opinions are my own and all my ratings are 100% truthful! ♥︎

RATE: ★★★★

the first book that i'm going to share with you is a brand new book from my favorite poet, Courtney Peppernell. the title of this book is called Pillow Thoughts 2 and it's a series of beautiful poetry about both falling in love and falling out of love. one thing i truly admire about this author is the way she makes things so dreamy. the words she uses depicts current situations that have gone on in my past and it's relieving to know that we aren't alone in this world. i purchased the very first Pillow Thoughts 1 book last year so I was so excited to find out that this author came out with another book. i would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling through a heartbreak, or someone in love. Pillow Thoughts 2 is a beautiful disaster with both melancholy and exotic feelings.

RATE: ★★★

one book that i've constantly been using both to read and take photos with is the Lauren Conrad Beauty book. i really love this book to take photos with, but I don't really find anything extremely fascinating about it. i'm giving this book a slight lower ranking than usual because I did find the beauty tips helpful, but i felt as if this book was like any other beauty book. i do love lauren conrad and her beautiful blog, but I just wasn't too impressed on this book. 

RATE: ★★★★

"How to get Sh*t done" was a book that i mentioned in my last book review (click HERE to read review #1) and i'm still enjoying it right now, i took a little time to myself to reflect and re-read the book and i really enjoyed the authors perspective on many things. my biggest takeaway from this book is that you can stay busy, but you also need to give yourself some time to do less. us woman these days get so caught up in work, school, etc. we need to remember to reflect and recognize that we can't do it all, all the time. if you want to learn more about how to work, but do less then i highly purchasing this book. 

RATE: ★★★★★

out of all the books shared, The Astrology of You and Me was the most enjoyable read. i don't know about you, but i'm a weird fanatic when it comes to horoscopes. i love seeing how accurate horoscopes can be and looking up my friends/ family zodiac signs. i purchased this book at Anthropologie when i was on little trip to NYC. i don't regret buying this book because it's so fun to read at night and look up different signs!

RATE: ★★★★★

Living with Pattern was another book that was shown on my book review #1 post and still today it's one of my most favorite interior design inspo books. this book is super delicate with the orange colored pages and it looks absolutely stunning on a coffee table. i've caught myself picking up this book for room ideas. i totally love this book and it's the best! (PS: the cover is too cute)

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