Best Beauty Products for Transitioning into Fall

August 29, 2018

August is coming to a close which means September is just around the corner!! i cannot wait to start feeling colder weather here in vegas and wear fuzzy sweaters! whenever i think of September i imagine crisp autumn leaves, pumpkin spice loaves, and the cold breeze. On the blog today I wanted to share some of the best beauty products that you can buy to transition into fall. if you're a fall lover like myself then this blog post is perfect for you. what better way to start the autumn off right, then with these perfect beauty products (you'll thank me later)!!

//disclaimer: yes, i'm posting fall content super early this year BUT who doesn't love fall!?!!?! ♥︎

to begin i'd like to start off with my most favorite item which is this adorable Black kitten ears headband from the brand I Dew Care! these kittens aren't really beauty related, but I LOVE to wear these when i wash off my makeup from a long stressful day and to even apply my makeup. this kitty headband is super inexpensive ($6!!) and just perfect for fall.

how cute can this headband get?!!

let's be honest, you cannot go through the fall time without having perfect eyebrows. what i love to use to make my eyebrows look bold and thick is using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. this brow pencil defines and allows me to fill in sparse areas on my eyebrows so i can rock my fall makeup looks. (*I wear the shade taupe and I highly recommend to go down one shade!*)

one thing i always look forward to during the autumn time is a nice dark/ spooky lipstick. one of my fav lipstick for the fall time is this chubby stick from NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in the shade 5V (honestly couldn't find the name LOL). this is one of the BEST chubby sticks i've ever used because it glides on very well, moisturizes your lips, and the color is just to die for.

last but certainly not least is the one and only Colourpop Highlighter in the shade Lunch Money. this product is always mentioned in my blog posts, but it's such a great highlighter - especially for fall! i love how creamy the consistency is and this product glides on like butter onto the skin. this highlighter will make you stand out this fall season!

thank you for reading today's post! i'm seriously so obsessed with fall and it needs to come soon. if you guys enjoyed this post be sure to comment what other autumn posts i should create!! PS: subscribe to my blog for weekly email updates whenever i post on the blog.

lots of love and pumpkin spice,


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