10 Things I learned from being a Blogger!

August 23, 2018

today's post is much more different than any other post i have done on my blog. i thought that it would be kinda cool to talk about some things i learned as i started blogging and up until now. the reason i chose to do this post today is to allow others to get a little inside scoop of what i've personally learned through blogging. just like any other job, blogging is a struggle sometimes, but seriously i really hope you enjoy today's post and be sure to share it with your friends!! PS: if you're a blogger then i'm pretty positive you'll relate to this list haha! without any further or do, let's jump into the post!! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

i thought i’d begin with this because patience is KEY when it comes to being a blogger. as a blogger I’ve had to learn to be more patient on numerous occasions especially when it comes to creating posts (photos, editing, etc)!! 

this seems pretty simple, but in my opinion the better quality your photos are the more likely you’ll receive more followers/ readers approaching your blog. i also HIGHLY recommend to invest in good quality lens. my most used lens would be the Canon 50mm & 18-55 mm. a nice lens makes your photos look 10x better than not using a good lens. (*for those wondering what camera that i'm currently using i will leave it right HERE. it's the canon t5 and i purchased this about 2-3 years ago.*)

i wanted to share this with you guys because many people see bloggers and think that they just wake up with 500k followers and that’s totally NOT true. getting followers + traffic to your site could take up to months and possibly even years. i am still a newbie to blogging, but i do understand the importance of building an audience/ community and driving traffic your site!

one of my most favorite parts of blogging is being able to use my creative abilities to establish product layouts, flatlays, and more! even though its one of my fav parts, it's surely the most challenging. i think my longest “photoshoot” took me 2-3 hours. because i'm a perfectionist i never know if i'll actually even like
the photos when i upload them to my laptop which
makes it super difficult haha.

as a blogger one of my favorite social platforms is instagram. i love to use instagram for posting photos, but i especially love it to connect with my followers!!! even though i’ve only been blogging for a short while, it’s so important to gain a little community and talk amongst your followers. 

a part of my job is connecting with brands and doing some form of collaboration every once in awhile. sometimes companies contact me, other times i feel the need to contact them. i feel as if many influencers these days wait and wait for a company to contact them, but you should be the one putting yourself out there! i say to step out of your comfort zone and approach small or big companies. i know that just by having self confidence and pressing send on an email really helps you realize that it wasn't so bad afterall. at the end of the day, if you end up not getting an email back from a company, never ever feel ashamed. you must always remember that YOU put yourself out there and to never be afraid of rejection!

as a blogger i can tell you that we are just as human as anyone else. some days i have lows and some days i have highs. on my low days i have always remembered to tell myself to remain positive and NEVER give up. one of my most blessed qualities i have as an individual is confidence which truly allows me to press forward and not let the little things bother me.

Throughout my blogging journey I have noticed that by consistently blogging and creating content I have gained so much more knowledge about editing, photography, products, and more. I’m a firm believer that if you work hard, the payoff in the end is extraordinary!!

one of the MOST important things in my opinion about blogging is genuinely being yourself. this is such a common saying, but just by being you truly shows your creativity. in the beginning of my blogging i'd have such a hard time expressing myself, but as time went on i slowly opened up my shell and expressed me through all my photos/ blog posts. never rely on someone to give you
inspo. you be the inspiration for yourself and BE YOU ALWAYS!

at the end of the day I always love this motto. blogging is seriously one of the most amazing steps I’ve ever taken in my life and I’m so beyond grateful that I am allowed to connect with my readers and followers day, by day. If i never did what i loved, i wouldn’t be where i am today!

thank you so much for tuning into this weeks post. i'm extremely blessed to have this platform where i can connect with you all! if you enjoy my content please subscribe for weekly email updates whenever i post!!

lots of love,


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