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July 20, 2018

ever since i was a little girl, stationery has always been something i've truly admired. from the glitter pens, to hand written snail mail, i have always had a love for paper goods!! because stationery is so near and dear to my heart, i wanted to create a whole blog post about my top stationery favorites (stuff i've used and came to love!) all products shown are picked out by me and have been my favs for a long time now. be sure to remember to click the links below to purchase any of the goods shown in this post!

*disclaimer: many of the ORIGINAL products listed below are sadly sold out/ unavailable. i tried my very hardest to find similar products & for less expensive! if you have any further questions about the product feel free to email me (*

Oops Eraser *similar HERE* | Rose Gold Diamond Pen | Ink Joy 0.5 Pens | Rose Gold Bird Scissors  *similar HERE* | Essentials Marble Pouch  *similar HERE* | Gold Clips (SHOWN IN FIRST IMAGE)

+ here is my essential pencil pouch that i love to keep on my desk or in my purse at all times! the marble pouch is very unique and i love how the gold font compliments the marble. all the goodies in this pouch are things that you can use to spice up a planner and/or use separately.

PENS// both the Paper Mate Ink Joy & Rose Gold Diamond pens are MY FAVORITES! i've been using the ink joy pens for 5 years and i love how they don't smear your page. i recently got the rose gold diamond pen from my sweet sister, Jessica! i love how the rose gold pen has a little diamond on the top and it's so preppy.

WASHI TAPE// washi tape is such a fun way to make your page look cute & stylish. whenever i use washi tape, i tend to pick out simple colors that i can pair with solids. the rose gold washi tape matches perfect with the flamingo, and it also looks good by itself! (both washi tapes are from Paper Source and are linked below!!)

BIRD SCISSORS// these little bird scissors are so fun and unique. i originally purchased these at Anthropologie, but you can get a very similar pair on Etsy!

OOPS ERASER// how cute can this eraser be? i got it from Target in the SugarPaper collection. unfortunately i couldn't find ANY site that was still selling this exact eraser, but you can buy a very similar one on Amazon + it's less expensive!!

MARBLE POUCH// this marble pouch fits all my stationery products perfectly! once i saw this pouch at Home Goods i immediately grabbed it (lol)! if you like this exact pouch, you can check your local Home Goods OR purchase the one linked HERE. Sticker Book Part 2 | Rifle Paper Co. Notepad | Mini Rifle Paper Co. Journals *Sadly an old collection and not available for purchase*

+ the items shown above are probably my most used products out of everything on this post! i love everything about these products because they are good quality brands, and they're fairly inexpensive!(UNDER $15)

STICKER BOOK// i could go on and on about this brand, but let me just say how much i freaking ADORE this sticker book! you get a bunch of different shapes, styles, and color stickers in this pad that you can place on your agenda, laptop, notebook, etc! i especially chose the sticker book (version 2) for you all because it's one of my most favorites + it's ROSE GOLDD!! (the image to the RIGHT is a little glimpse of what is inside of the sticker book!)

RIFLE NOTEPAD// notepads are like a complete staple for me when it comes to stationery. this one in perticular is my most favorite because its simplistic, and has a variety of lines so you can write down all your daily to do's! i originally purchased this beauty at Anthropologie & it is still available for ONLY $8 (what a steal)!

RIFLE MINI NOTEBOOKS// these notebooks are so handy & useable when you just need to write some quick things down. i love the illustrations of these notebooks and also how they're mini so you can bring them just about anywhere!

Flamingo and Copper Washi Tape | Scotch Gold Glitter Washi Tape 
(i'm obsessed with this glitter scotch washi because it really makes any page stand out!)


 thank you so much for tuning into my post. i hope you got inspired!

lots of love & xo,

Q: What's your must have stationery items?!

*this post contains affiliate links 

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