Inexpensive Target Favs! (UNDER $35)

July 9, 2018

Hi babes! I am so excited to share today's blog post with you all about TARGGGEETTT!!! Target has been hands down my MOST favorite store since I was born (Not even just saying that haha)! I love how popular Target has been getting throughout the years and really wanted to create a blog post sharing my unbeatable love for Target! Down below is a list of some super inexpensive Target goods that I've purchased and loved as much as you could imagine. ALL products are UNDER $35, and they are seriously the cutest! Be sure to click any of the links to see the products and prices! All these products that I'm sharing with you are especially picked out with love! Thank you so much for tuning into my blog post and I wish you all a lovely week, and have fun shopping!

Lots of love,


Q: What item would you like to purchase?! 

*this post contains affiliate links 

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