10 ways to make your day happier!

June 27, 2018

Welcome back to yet another blog post! On the blog I wanted to do something a little more out of the ordinary and sure enough I came up with this little, but simple post! Down below is a list of 10 ways to make your day happier created by yours truly!


                                                                    #1. make a fun collage 

ever since i was young i always adored crafting and making pretty layouts. my sisters & i would specifically make notebook collages together with cut outs from a bunch of different magazines. making collages really causes you to be mindful, reduce stress, and totally draw your focus to one thing. something that i personally do is cut out inspiring words from magazines or find cute quotes on pinterest to add to my collage(s). down below are a few photos of a recent crafty collage day from this week! as you can tell, i cut out various photos and put it on a white sheet of paper. once your collage is done you can hang it up, put it inside your journal/ planner, etc.

   #2. light a candle

one of the best ways to make your day happier is simply by lighting a candle. i don't know why but there is something so therapeutic about relaxing and having a sweet candle aroma fill up your room.
because i am shopper & LOVE candles, i decided to share with you my personal fav candle (Capri Blue Volcano Candle) which you can find by clicking HERE or click the image below!!

this capri blue candle is literally everything. i totally recommend this candle because of the good quality, and how AMAZING it smells!! 

                                                                #3. get your nails done

recently this month i was having such a bad day. a lot of personal things were happening in my life and i wasn't feeling it at all. i asked myself, "what can i do to get me out of this funk" and sure enough, the thought of getting my nails done popped into my head! obviously i went to get my nails done that day, but after that i just felt 10x better. i have noticed in life that if you truly give back to yourself that your good days, bad days, and any days will just be better overall. 

                                                                 #4. sleep in

this one is pretty self explanitory but i truly encourage you to try this! sometimes we all work ourselves too hard in life and we just need to sleep in. always make sure to give love and care back to yourself. 
                                                                 #5. drink water

i probably sound so insane for adding this to the list, but i seriously LOVE staying hydrated and refreshed with a water bottle. when you aren't feeling your best just drink a lot of water and you'll feel so much better. (i promise and swear by this!!) CLICK HERE for my fav swell water bottle (or click the image below!)

whenever i am on the go i love to bring this Swell Marble Water Bottle with me. one of my most favorite things about it is how it keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours AND hot for 12! perfect for hot summers and cold winters.

                                                                  #6. classical/ jazzy music

personally i like all types of music, but i love me some frank sinatra, dean martin, and all the fun jazzy songs/ artists! i put together a quick little playlist that you can click right HERE to see. whenever i'm getting ready or in the car, it's beautiful to listen to crisp, romantic music.


                                                                 #7. create a cute pinterest board

i don't know if it's just me, but i LOVE pinterest. i must say, pinterest has been my fav social media app since day one. pinterest is such a good website to find ANYTHING you desire, and get a lot of inspiration. to make your day happier make a cute pinterest board with stuff that makes you happy. you can totally gurantee that on my fav pinterest board there would be puppies, rose gold stationery, home decor, and fashion outfits! 

                                                                 #8. find inspiring quotes

whenever i need a pick me up i always go to the interent or magazines to find good inspiring quotes. soemtimes just reading them off to yourself truly makes you have a much more happier day! *PS: if you'd like some inspiring quotes, go and check out my pinterest board that you can click right HERE.*

#9. journal

journaling is a great way to make your day happier AND it's therapeutic. i personally love writing in my journal if i'm going through a hard time, or whenever i just want to write whats on my mind. ALSSOO i am obsessed with journal shopping! two of my favorite stores to buy journals from would be Anthropologie AND Papersource

                                                                 #10. read a good book

what couldn't be better than sitting down and cuddling up with a good book!? if you need personal book recommendations, go check out my blog post titled "BOOK REVIEW #1."

now you've probably reached the end of this post and thinking, "yeah this list sounds simple." you are not wrong, in fact that is the whole purpose behind this post that i've created. as you go about your personal live, do you ever stopped to notice all the small and simple things? Henry David Thoreau once said, "SIMPLICITY, SIMPLICITY, SIMPLICITY." Such power comes from having an attitude of gratitude and truly appreciating those little SIMPLE things in your life. The biggest thing to do is PAY ATTENTION to those simple things and they will become way more meaningful to you! I hope that you took a simple message out of this post and hopefully remember this list when you want to have a happier day. Always remember that it's not always the big things, but it's the small things that matter most.

Thank you for reading this far into my post! Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts coming soon..



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