April 30, 2018

hello, my loves, and welcome back to another blog post. today I'm going to share with you some of my most favorite books that I've been accumulating throughout March and April. one of my favorite things to do is to go to a book store, and just search for a good book. it takes me awhile to find a  book, but i sure do love the hunt. it's so satisfying, and beautiful to me to read what others have to share to the world. i truly have so much respect towards authors, and i always acknowledge all the time and effort that they put into making their book(s) wonderful. whenever i read a book, i feel like I'm in another world. my mind creates such vivid imagery, and i just fall in love. after all, reading truly takes you places, and you can learn new things from them as well. my favorite genre, as well as the books that i'll be sharing with you today are self-improvement books, mindfulness books, and poetry. each book that i will be talking about has a special place in my heart. i hope you enjoy this post, and hopefully my book review will inspire you to buy one (or more) books that i suggested!

PS: This blog post is lengthly so heads up :)
**All books below have a hyperlink to amazon where you can buy the book**

before we dive into the review, here is a picture of how i easily display my books. i love to stack books on top of one another and place them on my dresser. to add a special touch, i placed a mini succulent on top of the books. books are so fun to display and they look so great on your coffee table, dressers, or side tables!!


By: Rebecca Atwood

Rating: ★★★★★

how adorable is the inside of this book?! marble is perfection! 

if you love interior design, then this book is meant for you. i found this book through a simple search on Amazon. i loved the detail/ design of the front cover and knew that the inside would be just as good, and IT WAS! i love how this book isn't just focused just on decorating, but it's all about the pattern. this book would be so cute to give out to a newly wedded couple. the book looks super cute on top of a coffee table. One of my favorite things about the book is that the page side view is painted coral! i definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves fabric design/ interior design.


By: Rupi Kaur

Rating: ★★★★★

the sun and her flowers is such a deep, poetic, and powerful book. this book is a #1 new york times bestseller, and a part two/ add on to the famous book, "milk and honey." this book is beautifully sectioned into five different categories which are: wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. each section described the author's feelings about love, lust, etc. i love how the rupi kaur adds a lot of figurative language and deep imagery into her books. when i started reading the first few pages, i could not put down the book because it was that good. i recommend this book to any poetic lovers out there! it's such a nice book to snuggle up to a nice rainy day. 


By: Yumi Sakugawa

Rating: ★★★★

this book is my fav because #1, it's SO freaking cute and #2 the tips inside are incredible. i originally saw this book at my favorite store, anthropologie, but ordered it through amazon a little while later. one thing that made me fall in love with this book are the detailed illustrations. you can just tell that the author, Yumi Sakugawa, really took her time into make this book super special. i love to see such creative artists display their art work and talent in fun books that people can read and enjoy. 


By: Erin Falconer

Rating: ★★★

this books is totally for all my girl bosses out there. "how to get sh*t done" is a book all about staying motivated, finding out what your goals are and slowly achieving them by simply being you! out of my whole review, i rank this book only three stars out of five because it's super lengthly, and i didn't find it super helpful. i do love how this book is set up, and organized, yet i wish there was more tips rather than the author's bibliography. overall though, this book is great, yet i like shorter books. 


By: Christophe Andre

Rating: ★★★★★

this book is literally a mix of art, beauty, mindfulness, and psychology. i give this book a five out of five because it truly changed my perspective of art in such a profound way. mindfulness has been a topic that i have admired ever since i found out about it through a netherlands magazine called, "flow magazine" (AKA: the BEST magazine in the world)! in this book, you will see photos of famous art, and a brief explanation of what's going on in the paintings. i love this book because not only do you get a taste of art, but you get to learn about mindfulness, and how it's incorporated into paintings. i found it so beautiful how art truly has secret, and deep meanings.  i recommend this book to anyone who loves art, and mindfulness. this book is so great, and worth the buy! 


By: Cleo Wade

Rating: ★★★★★

i love little page flags sticking out of my book!

 out of all the books that i shared, "heart talk" has to be by far my MOST favorite. heart talk is a book all about wisdom, poetry, and self improvement. the author, cleo wade, has such a way with words. i have been searching for a book all about wisdom for a long time now, and this book changed my life. i love how cleo incorporates poetry in her book, as well as tips to living a happy, and joyful life. this book is both a combination of poetry and self-improvement which are two of my favorite genres. one thing i love to do while reading this book is writing my personal thoughts, and comments in the margins. i also love to book mark my favorite pages with page flags (as shown in the first photo). this book is so incredible and extremely inspirational. you can purchase this book either at barnes and noble, amazon, or anthropologie. i promise you will not regret reading this book! it has touched my life, and it will touch yours.

Thank you SO much for looking at my post today! I love doing book reviews, and sharing my personal opinions of books. I'm trying to post more of these book reviews once a month so be sure to watch out! (If you liked any of these books, definitely click the title of them, and it will transfer you to amazon where you can get the books!!) Stay beautiful!!




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