Happy Planner Memory Keeping

March 27, 2018

sticky notes are the best for planning, and organizing.

Hello loves and welcome to my first blog post on agendadventures. Recently I went on an exciting trip to Salt Lake City, Utah with my family. While I was there, I collected many memories as well as photos, and decided that I wanted to display them inside my Happy Planner. Decorating, and doing layouts is one of my favorite things to do. I love to take photos and organize them to fit a theme. The way I organize my photos is using my Me And My Big Ideas Happy Planner. I enjoy using this planner because it is perfectly designed to fit all my photos neatly, and effectively. I have been using this specific planner ever since freshman year of High School, and so far it has been one of my most favorites. One of the many reasons as to why I adore this planner is not only do I write down my daily tasks and goals, but it's multi purposeful so you can scrapbook and memory plan inside. Planning makes me feel so productive, and I'm able display my creativity. Today on the blog, I will show you just how I memory keep inside my very own Happy Planner.  (Products that I use inside my planner will be posted on my instagram @agendadventures

Now before I begin my blog post, I must tell you all that I love jamming out to music while I do ANY crafty projects. To share my love for music, I created a little crafty playlist on Apple Music so you too can enjoy the pleasure of listening to music while crafting. The link will be below!!

APPLE MUSIC PLAYLIST::  https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/crafty-day-playlist/pl.u-DdANrYaFN06vP2

Before I begin planning, I like to gather all the photos that I'll be displaying in my Happy Planner, and print them off using my printer. I tend to take all my photos either on my iPhone, or my Canon t5i. On today's layout, I simply used my iPhone to capture the photos. Along with gathering my photos, I like to put sticky notes on my planner page and write out different things I did that week just so my layout is properly coordinated (as shown above). I recommend sticky notes because you can trash them out when you are done with them. Sticky notes are also useful when it comes to planning out what you would like to write in the happy planner boxes.

washi is one of my favorite parts of planning because it begins your overall theme.

After all the planning, I like to pick out washi tape. I love washi tape because it balanced out the whole page. I frequently will use my washi as an outline for my whole layout, and it helps me create a theme. In this layout specifically, I wanted to do a gold, and succulent theme so I used a thin washi from Target (BRIT + CO Collection). **Whatever theme that you decide to choose, you want to make sure that your washi matches it because it will be the base of your whole layout.**

how adorable is this paper?! i'm OBSESSED!

Here is a little picture of some of the products I used in this exact layout. Like I mentioned before, I wanted to do a succulent/ leafy theme so I incorporated the gold pieces, as well as the beautiful fern paper. 

P R O D U C T S   U S E D:

+ Leafy Printed Paper: Michaels Craft Store
+ Solid Gold Washi tape: Walmart 
+ Thin MAMBI Geometric Washi tape: Hobby Lobby 

Here's a simple overview of what my planner is starting to look like. From above, I cut out all the pictures that were printed in the beginning and started laying them. I think the most challenging part of memory keeping is laying out all the photos. I believe that this is the part where you really start to use your creativity. Along with adding photos, I laid out various stickers, and cut out a piece of the leafy paper from Michaels. I loved adding that touch because it drew my attention to the United States Map sticker, and just balanced out the whole page. When you decorate in your Happy Planner, you can be as different, and unique as you like. Let your creativity work it's magic!!!

closer view at the beautiful U.S.A. map sticker

Here is the finish product of my Happy Planner Memory Keeping layout. I'm so happy on how it came out. As you can see, I added much more stickers, and filled in the blank boxes with memories I had on my trip. One thing I enjoy most about decorating in my agenda is the overall result of my creativity. The beauty of decorating is knowing that everyone's creativity is so unique, and it makes me happy to see how things come together. If you guys are interested in any of the products that I used to complete this layout, go check out my Instagram and all the products will be listed. 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog post on my new blog. I had so much fun creating this, and hope that you give Memory Keeping a try!! Stay beautiful!

Han ♡

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